Swisse Weight Control – Diet Pill Review

Swisse Weight ControlProduct: Swisse Weight Control
Advertised Benefits: Appetite Suppression
Positives: Glucomannan Works
Negatives: There are better products for your money
Shipping: Australia, UK, Europe, Canada, New Zealand
Retailers: Boots and others

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Swisse Weight Control Summary

Swisse Ultiplus Ultiboost Weight ControlSwisse Weight Control is mainly an appetite suppressor, with its main ingredients being Glucomannan – a fiber (or fibre) which can absorb a lot of water and create the feeling of fullness in the absence of food.

Standard supplements containing glucomannan range from including a 500mg dose to a 3000mg dose.

This product is at the 3000mg end of the spectrum, which is a great dose of glucomannan, but the daily quantity of pills you need to take is 9.

That’s 3 separate servings of 3 pills each. However, provided you drink a large glass of water with each serving, and stay adequately hydrated throughout the day, it should make a difference.

Having said all of that, we would recommend other products over Swisse Weight Control for the simple reason that they contain a good quantity of glucomannan PLUS other fat burning and energy boosting ingredients.

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Swisse Weight Control – Continued

Single Diet PIllGlucomannan is a natural fibre (fiber), which can be taken from the root of a Konjac Plant and turned into powder.

The powder goes nicely into supplement capsules and can therefore be taken with adequate water so that it reaches the stomach. There the capsule shell dissolves, releasing the powder.

At this point the powder can absorb liquid to many more times its own original dry weight. A soft mass builds in the stomach, creating a feedback signal to the brain to say it is full.

Taken before food, this effect can help you to eat less, and therefore reduce your overall calorie intake.

Swisse Weight Control also contains a couple of other ingredients which help with energy metabolism and blood sugar regulation.

Ingredients in Swisse Weight Control

Below are the ingredients in 1 (one) capsule of Swisse Weight Control. The daily dose is 9 (nine) capsules (as 3 servings of 3 caps):

  • 334mg – Glucomannan
  • 20.mcg – Chromium
  • 1.2mg – Zinc

Therefore 9 capsules would give a total of 3006mg of Glucomannan for the total daily intake.

Chromium can help to regulate blood sugar in people who have a deficiency.

Similarly zinc can restore testosterone levels (important for both men and women) and plays a role in energy metabolism.

Side Effects of Swisse Weight Control

Scientist Most people can take Swisse Weight Control without experiencing any issues, provided they take it as directed.

Pregnant and breastfeeding women should check with their doctor before taking it. Anyone taking medication and/or suffering a medical condition should also consult their doctor.

Drinking a tall glass of water (at least 250ml or 8 oz) with each serving of this product is essential. Not only does it need the water to absorb in the stomach, but it the liquid washes the pill down.

Never take a pill containing glucomannan without water or a water based drink.

Is Swisse Weight Control Recommended?

Is It recommendedThe glucomannan dose is a good one, it’s probably the most we’ve seen in one supplement.

However, the other two ingredients – chromium and zinc – don’t really merit getting Swisse Weight Control over other more comprehensive products.

Glucomannan can be part of a weight loss formula, rather than basically being a standalone. Simple glucomannan supplements are cheap, but if you are looking for an overall fat loss supplement, this physical appetite suppression is only part of the solution.

There are other products we recommend which contain a good quantity of glucomannan, but they also have a formula of fat burning and energy boosting inclusions.

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