ThermoFX – Genetix Nutrition – Our Review and Recommendations

ThermoFX Diet PillProduct: ThermoFX – Genetix Nutrition 
Advertised Benefits: Burns Fat, Improves Focus
Positives: A couple of the ingredients are good
Negatives: There are much better products for your money
Shipping: Australia, UK, Europe, Canada, New Zealand
Retailers: Mr. Supplement etc.

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ThermoFX Summary

Thermo FX from GenetixThermo FX is a fat burner supplement manufactured by Genetix Nutrition in Australia.

It contains ingredients which are meant to increase your rate of thermogenesis, which is the body’s way of “burning” fat.

ThermoFX has a very ordinary formula, once the label is properly understood. They’ve complicated matters by talking about equivalent weights and taking up room explaining what caffeine-containing ingredient is standardized for what quantity of caffeine.

In the end, it’s a mediocre fat burner, and one that we wouldn’t recommend.

There are few fat burners that we DO recommend, but they are exceptional in their category, and will go a lot further to helping you manage your weight loss goals.

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Thermo FX Continued

Waist MeasureGenetix Nutrition introduce ThermoFX as being a supplement which has specially selected ingredients to help increase thermogenesis.

Thermogenesis the process of converting energy to heat by the mitochondria in your cells. The fuel that these little cellular power stations use is fatty acids.

Fat burners tend to contain a few thermogenic ingredients, and most are based on caffeine like this one.

ThermoFX Promised Benefits

The main advertised benefit is of course fat loss. The bottle states that ThermoFX may:

  • Help to Burn Fat
  • Help to Maintain Mental Performance and Alertness

The website also mentions that the formula:

  • contains ingredients which have an antioxidant effect, helping to rid the body of some free radicals
  • can help maintain or improve overall well-being

The ingredients are what can make this a reality or not, so we should have a look at those next.

ThermoFX Key Ingredients

The Thermo FX formula is a little confusing if you haven’t encountered one like it before. The ingredient weights look huge to begin with before you see that they write “Extracts equivalent to:” before they are listed.

All that really means is that they have extracted concentrated forms of the ingredients and the real world weight of the raw ingredient (e.g. Guarana seeds) would be much higher.

ThermoFX Review Article Australia

As you can see, there is only 110.9 mg of caffeine per capsule, despite it looking crazy on the formula there.

The other interesting ingredients are the Capsicum and Citrus Aurantium.

Both are fat burning ingredients and should be okay doses on the 2 capsule total per day.

Usage Guidelines: Genetix recommends that adults take 1 capsule twice per day, with meals, or as directed by a doctor.

ThermoFX Side Effects and Health Issues

The average person will experience no serious negative side effects from ThermoFX.

The caffeine might give some people a bit of nervous energy and possibly nausea/stomach cramps if they are unused to stimulants.

We’d advise taking a single pill only on the first day with lunch to assess how you tolerate it.

People who should NOT use Thermo FX are pregnant and breastfeeding women, those taking prescription medication, people with pre-existing medical conditions, children or the elderly.

The Bottom Line – Is ThermoFX Recommended?

Diet Pill ModelYou find these types of fat burners everywhere. There’s nothing special about it, and for the money and effort you can get some much better products.

The caffeine will give you a bit of a kick, and the bitter orange (citrus aurantium) plus the green tea extract should help you lose a few calories, but again, there is much more to a properly effective fat burner than this.

The products we recommend are the ones we have found to be the most effective and also the most cost effective when talking about ingredients. Also, it’s important to us to find supplements which can be purchased by people all over the world, from the UK to Australia and Europe to the US.

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