Gundry MD Vital Reds – What Do Customers Say

Gundry MD Vital RedsVital Reds is berry-flavored drink mix designed to support good health.

It’s marketed under the Gundry MD brand name, which is owned by Dr Stephen Gundry MD. A respected heart surgeon, Gundry now appears to be primarily concerned with developing his range of health products.

However, although Gundry claims Vital Reds can help people to lose weight, this is not the product’s primary aim.

He has a lot of faith in the health-enhancing abilities of polyphenols and claims people are not consuming enough.

So rather than advising people to eat more fruit and vegetables, like most doctors do, he developed Vital Reds and, at the time of this review, was selling the product at a cost of nearly $70 per pot. That’s a lot of money and the idea is that customers take one dose a day, for the rest of their life.

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Alleged Benefits

  • Boosts energy naturally
  • Improves digestion
  • Reduces gas and bloating after meals
  • Provides better health
  • Improves the skin and appearance
  • Helps you to start getting your weight under control

Ingredient Profile and Blend Potential

One (3.765g) scoop of powder per day will provide:

  • Vitamin B6 (2mg)
  • Vitamin B 12 (6mcg)
  • Pantothenic acid (10mg)
  • Thiamine (1.5mg)
  • Riboflavin (1.7mg)
  • Niacin (20mg)
  • Folate (400mcg)
  • Biotin (300 mcg)
  • Chromium (200mcg)
  • Selenium (70mcg)

Getting a few extra vitamins and minerals per day is never a bad thing and Vitamins B6 and B12 are particularly apt inclusions because they help the body to extract energy from food. Niacin is good for improving the circulation. It lowers cholesterol too. Biotin is necessary for healthy-looking hair, nails and skin.

The rest of the ingredients are housed in proprietary blends:

  • Polyphenol Blend (1760mg): Provides 34 fruit/vegetable extracts that contain polyphenols. The extracts chosen for this purpose include orange, grape, apple organic carrot, mulberry, cranberry, beetroot, European black current, mango, papaya, acai, strawberry, blueberry, pomegranate, blackberry, pineapple and raspberry. Studies show polyphenols promote good health, but drinking some fruit juice would be a cheaper way to get them into your body.
  • Metabolic Boosting Blend (365mg): Provides undisclosed amounts of green tea, white tea, cinnamon, ginger root, bitter melon, turmeric, and black pepper. All seven ingredients have metabolism boosting capabilities but, presuming a sufficient inclusion rate, green tea is probably the one that offers the most power.
  • Digestive Support Blend: Provides around three billion probiotic bacteria (Lactobacillus + Bacillus coagulans + Bifidobacterium lactis + L. reuteri) that are already present in the body and are also provided by food. Consuming extra probiotics is generally seen as a good idea because they are necessary for a healthy digestive system and provide a number of other desirable health benefits.
  • FOS (250mg): FOS (Fructooligosaccharides) is a type of carbohydrate provided by leeks, onions, garlic, and a number of other plants. Due to it’s sweet-tasting nature, FOS is often used in low-calorie sweeteners. It’s also paired with probiotics because it feeds them and helps them to multiply.

Usage Instructions – The powder has to be mixed with 8oz of water, or a beverage of choice, and needs to be consumed once per day.

Vital Reds Customer Opinion

A few customer reviews read:

“It’s expensive, but Vital Reds tastes good and lifts your energy levels. Since I’ve been taking it I feel more like I did in my younger days and I’ve noticed I rarely ever become ill. I can’t remember the last time I felt the need to cough or sneeze.” 

“Overpriced garbage that doesn’t work. I took it for two months and when I called the company’s customer service department to ask for a refund the lady suggested I increase the dose. Not likely! This stuff costs the earth.” 

“Tastes okay if you mix it with fruit juice. I’ve been taking it at breakfast for the past couple of months. I think the promise of weight loss is just a big hoax, but it does give you extra energy and make you feel more alive.” 

“My complexion looks better now, and I’ve been receiving compliments about my hair, but I haven’t lost any weight so I’m feeling pretty disappointed.”

Vital RedsSide Effects and Health Warnings

Via a warning on the back of the bottle, Gundry MD points out the importance of seeking medical advice prior to using new dietary supplements for the first time. This is always a wise precaution and it’s especially important in the case of pregnant or nursing mothers, people with existing health problems, and individuals who are using medication.

Marketing and Distribution

The company website is the only official source of distribution and customers are offered modest discounts to encourage them to buy via auto-ship. Even when the discounts are applied, the cost of this supplement remains ridiculously high.


A 90-day money back guarantee is offered.

Our Take on Vital Reds

Although there is something to be said for getting extra vitamins, minerals, and polyphenols; there are cheaper ways to do it.

The best way is to start making healthier food choices, and anyone who is keen on boosting their levels of healthy gut bacteria can easily do so by eating probiotic yoghurts.

Customer reviews suggest Vital Reds may be capable of providing some users with increased vitality.

They also suggest other benefits may be possible, but they fail to suggest it has much potency as a weight loss aid.

So our advice is this: If you want to improve your health, start eating healthier food.

If you want to lose weight do that too, and support your efforts by using a respected diet pill that will help control your hunger, speed up your fat burning, and provide you with the kind of across-the-board support needed to maximize your results without having to endure unpleasant hunger pangs.

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