Saxenda – aka Liraglutide – Is It Worth that Cost?

Saxenda DrugSaxenda is the brand name of the drug Liraglutide which has been approved for use in Australia by the TGA, or, Therapeutic Goods Administration.

There is also a lower dosed version of the drug available under the name Victoza for Type II diabetes treatment.

The drug requires a daily injection, and is very expensive as a result, given the “injection pen” and cartridges that must all be manufactured alongside the colourless solution itself. The PBS (Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme) does not appear to subsidize it yet, and the $$$ can run up to $400 per month!!!

The clinical trials had mediocre to moderate results, leading many experts to question the future of the drug. Coupled with the potential for unpleasant side effects, it appears to be an option for people who have tried everything else and still failed to lose weight.

There are natural weight loss supplements which are arguably more impressive than Saxenda that are also available at a fraction of the price, without a prescription and with virtually no negative side effects.

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Saxenda – What Is Involved?

Daily subcutaneous injections, for a start. If that’s a no-no for you then you have to look at other weight loss options. Saxenda/Liraglutide is not available in pill form.

The clear liquid solution is injected from a pre-filled ‘injection’ pen. The drug must be stored at between 2 and 8 degrees celsius.

How Does Saxenda Work?

Saxenda Syringe Liraglutide – the ingredient in the branded drug, Saxenda – is an appetite suppressor first and foremost. It has been shown in clinical trials to reduce hunger cravings.

It has also been shown to work much better in conjunction with a fitness program and healthy, calories controlled diet.

The exercise and diet is a must with any weight control drug or supplement, so that’s sound advice no matter what you decide to do.

Research doctors also say Saxenda is supposed to give you a mood boost as well as the aforementioned appetite reduction.

As we’ve seen with supplement containing mood improving ingredients, this can help during periods of calories controlled dieting, when emotions can vary more.

What are the Side Effects of Saxenda?

Alli side effectsThe more common side effects include: nausea, vomiting, and diarrhoea, possibly alternating or replaced with constipation.

Rarer side effects include: gallbladder diseases, pancreatitis, hypoglycaemia and depressive/suicidal ideations.

You MUST read the directions and listen to your doctor. Other medications can alter the effects of Saxenda significantly so do not take any other drugs aside from those which your doctor has approved.

Is Saxenda Worth It?

Expensive TreatmentThis is up to you. If you are at the end of your tether and have not been able to lose weight by any other means then you may want to try Saxenda.

However, you should know that it comes with a hefty price tag and not everyone who has used it has even had success, despite enduring the cost and the side effects.

There are other options available from the reputable supplement manufacturers, and the products are arguably as good at suppressing appetite, or burning calories.

Aside from all of that, the group that lost weight in the clinical trial only lost 5% with Saxenda, with a smaller group losing 10%.

Other Prescription Drugs

Currently available are Xenical (Orlistat / Alli), and Duromine (phentermine).

There is also Qsyimia, which is essentially phentermine plus an anti-epilepsy drug called Topiramate, however a lot of people seem to get side effects at a level that makes them stop taking the drug.

Prescription drugs appear to be potentially able to reduce the user’s weight, but seemingly at a risk of side effects.

Supplement Recommendations

PhenQWe recommend sticking with a good supplement with natural ingredients that may actually help you lose more weight together with your diet and exercise than a prescription drug can anyway.

The difference in ease of use and your comfort is huge as well. There are no injections and most people don’t experience any side effects.

And the side effects that are experienced are only of the mild type like stimulant dizziness etc.

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