Duromine Australia – Is it available to buy without prescription over the counter

Duromine Australia 30mgDuromine is a prescription-only diet pill manufactured by iNova Pharmaceuticals. It is a powerful drug that can deliver fast, efficient weight loss and its reputation for getting results has made it one of the most sought after weight loss aids in the country.

Duromine is usually only used to reduce the body weight of seriously overweight patients though. It is not prescribed as a general weight loss aid.

Duromine Potency & Usage

Three strength options are available:

  • 15 mg
  • 30 mg
  • 40 mg

The prescribing doctor will decide on the most appropriate potency and then monitor the body’s response to the drug before deciding if the potency needs to be increased or decreased.

The normal dose is one capsule per day, taken just before breakfast and the treatment period can last up to a maximum of 12 weeks.


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Duromine is one of the most sought after diet pills in not just Australia but the world over. Its biggest drawback is firstly its prescription only status – even if you see Duromine advertised as “without prescription” or “over the counter” it most definitely it is not.

You do need a prescription to buy it legally. The other drawback is that it is a drug classed medication and so not without the risk of possible side effects.

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Duromine Key Ingredients

Duromine 40mg Duromine is a branded form of phentermine, a drug that is chemically similar to amphetamine. As most people are aware amphetamine is often abused, so it is not hard to understand why the government has imposed such restrictions on Duromine’s availability.

Any drug that is open to misuse warrants strict supervision and doctors are undoubtedly the best people to monitor usage and ensure the pills are used in the most effective way.

Apart from phentermine, Duromine capsules also contain a special resin that ensures the active ingredient is released slowly, therefore ensuring the phentermine content can provide ongoing appetite suppression that lasts throughout the day.

A Quick Explanation of how Duromine Works

Duromine assists weight loss by dulling the desire for food. By diminishing the interest in eating, Duromine helps the user to stick to a reduced calorie diet—something that can normally be very hard to do.

It must be noted, however, that the pills work best when incorporated into a structured weight loss plan that includes healthy dietary choices and regular exercise

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Duromine A More In Depth Explanation

The Phentermine provided by Duromine affects the body in a number of ways.

Firstly it works on the central nervous system, causing neurons to be discharged. These neurons then trigger an increase in catecholamines (neurotransmitters). Sensing this increase, the brain then mistakenly believes the stomach is full and the desire to eat is suppressed.


Duromine also causes a change in leptin levels. This important hormone is required to regulate energy intake and expenditure, and the change in leptin levels provides the brain with another indication food is not required.

Further appetite suppression is provided courtesy of the body’s inherent flight-or-fight programming. This is a function that dates back to the dawn of the species. Times were hard for early man and food was scarce.

If dangerous situations arose the distractions caused by a rumbling stomach could be fatal, so the body adapted to the dangerous environment and whenever dangers arose it triggered the release of adrenalin, which could help early man run faster and / or fight harder. Adrenalin is also a natural appetite suppressant that enabled early man to forget his empty belly during his fight /flight.

Potential for Side Effects of Duromine

Duromine has been linked to numerous side effects, some of them quite nasty, but the extent of any side effects experienced will vary from one person to the next and some users may be able to use Duromine without experiencing any negative issues at all.

The prescribing doctor will monitor the body’s reaction to the drug and may revaluate the prescription accordingly.

Duromine Conclusion

Duromine is a powerful drug that can help the user to lose a significant amount of weight, but with great power comes great responsibility so it seems only natural that the responsibility for controlling the drug should fall to those who are best qualified to do so—doctors.

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