Xenical – Prescription Orlistat Diet Pill Review

Xenical Diet PillsProduct: Xenical
Benefits: Prevents Absorption of Fat
Positives: Mildly Effective
Negatives: Many Side Effects and Not Very Effective
Shipping: Prescription Drug in most countries
Recommended Alternative: PhenQ is the best – follow link below for more

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Xenical is the prescription form of Olistat

Alli is the over-the-counter (OTC) form.

Xenical OrlistatOrlistat is an anti-obesity drug which is marketed as Xenical by Roche, when offered as a prescription medication by doctors.

It is also marketed as Alli by GlaxoSmithKline, when sold OTC in pharmacies.

Studies show the effect for Xenical over the course of a year equates to about 5.5 lbs weight extra loss compared with placebo, under diet controlled conditions.

This isn’t a profound effect, and many consider the side effect (which is mainly steatorrhea – oily, loose stool) is not worth the extra few pounds a year.

There are also other options available in the form of a powerful fat burners / appetite suppressants which we would recommend instead of Xenical – Olistat – Alli.

Xenical – Alli – Orlistat in Review

Xenical / Alli is basically a lipase inhibitor. This means that it prevents the absorption of fat to some extent.

This mechanism results in the fat passing through as waste, hence the major side effect being oily, loose stool.

The scientific studies generally found that when used in conjunction with a controlled diet, the use of Oristat results in a few more pounds being lost over a whole year.

Xenical Reception and Controversy

The drug – although being available in the US, UK and EU as over-the-counter – has had a controversial path to that status, particularly in the US.

The arguments against it being allowed to be sold are issues of safety and necessity. The detractors say that it can cause too many side effects and is not effective enough as it is.

Xenical Side Effects and Health Issues

The main problem people have is persistent steatorrhea which means loose, oily stool for as long as the drug is taken.

Other potential side effects include:

  • Lowered Absorption of Vitamins (a multi-vitamin should be taken to help boost them)
  • Liver Problems
  • Kidney Problems
  • Gallbladder Problems

Common Side Effects include, but are not limited to:

  • Passing Gas with Oily Discharge (oily wind!)
  • Urgent Need for Bowel Movement (getting caught short)
  • More Bowel Movements per Day
  • Being Unable to Control Bowel Movements

Xenical Alternative Options

PhenQ Top Weight Loss PillYou may be a little put off from using this drug after reading the above list of side effects. We wouldn’t blame you.

In fact from a risk vs reward perspective, it isn’t a very attractive deal, especially when Alli costs quite a lot per month and Xenical needs a prescription from a doctor.

So, what are these other options, and how will they affect you?

There are plenty of weight loss and diet pills to choose from but we have reviewed many of them and most don’t even come up to par with Xenical.

There are only a handful we recommend at the moment, and on top of the list is PhenQ, which is currently the best weight loss pill on the market at the moment.

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