Glucomannan Plus – highly effective appetite suppressant that can also regulate blood sugar

Glucomannan Plus diet pill appetite suppressantProduct: Glucomannan Plus
Manufacturer: Evolution Slimming
Benefits: Suppresses appetite and regulates blood sugars. Natural colon Cleanser
Positives: If there is one natural ingredient you should introduce to your diet its Glucomannan
Shipping: Worldwide including Australia, Canada, USA, UK, Ireland, Europe
Retailers: Evolution Slimming online.

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Glucomannan Plus

Glucomannan Plus is one of the newer additions to Evolution Slimming’s range of dietary supplements. The company is one of the most respected supplement manufacturers in the online world, they back all of their products with a 30-day money back guarantee, and offer customers telephone support via a free phone number. The company website also provides a mailing address and online contact form, so Evolution Slimming get top marks for customer services.

However, past results can never be seen as a guarantee for future success and even the best of companies can and do get it wrong sometimes, so let’s take a better look at Glucomannan Plus and see if it can hold its own under close scrutiny.

Glucomannan Plus with green tea

What is Glucomannan Plus and how does it Work?

Glucomannan Plus is a diet pill that has been designed to offer several main benefits:

  • Absorbs water in the stomach to make you feel full
  • Clinically proven as a safe & natural weight loss supplement
  • Works as a natural colon cleansing supplement to relieve constipation
  • Helps to regulate blood sugar levels

Evolution Slimming market the product primarily as a “weight loss complex” and the main ingredient (glucomannan) has been scientifically proven capable of providing powerful appetite suppression, so there is every likelihood the formulation will deliver good results as a weight loss provider. However, the capsule usage instructions vary depending on whether Glucomannan Plus is being uses as a weight loss provider, to control cholesterol levels, or by diabetics who wish to control their blood sugar levels. Glucomannan is believed to be capable of doing all of these things and more, but we feel a doctor’s involvement is necessary in the last two areas so our evaluation is of Glucomannan Plus as a weight loss aid only.

Usage Instructions For weight loss, two capsules should be taken with a large glass of water three times a day, 15-30 minutes before eating a meal.

Key Ingredients

One capsule contains three active ingredients:

  • Glucomannan Powder (500mg)
  • Green Tea Extract (50mg)
  • Chromium (6μg)

Blend Potential

The main ingredient is glucomannan and the amount included here is consistent to that used in many of the studies that are supportive of the ingredients weight loss-providing abilities.

GlucomannanGlucomannan is a water-soluble fibre that is extracted from the roots of an Asian plant called konjac. High fibre foods are known to be beneficial for the health. They encourage efficient bowel movement and are believed to help reduce the likelihood of cancer. However, glucomannan has an ability that sets it apart from many other dietary fibres—it is extremely absorbent.

When glucomannan is brought into contact with a source of moisture, such as water, the fibres expand and combine with the fluid to form a gelatinous mass. When this reaction occurs inside the stomach, capsule users will experience a feeling of fullness and their appetite will be reduced accordingly; thus ensuring they are unable to eat as much food as normal. This will lead to a significant reduction in the amount of calories consumed and the body will then be forced to start burning body fat to obtain the extra calories it needs.

Researchers in Connecticut, USA, tested the abilities of glucomannan, both as a weight loss provider, and as a means of lowering bad cholesterol. The results showed supplementation with glucomannan had allowed the test subjects to achieve significant weight loss. Furthermore bad (LDL) cholesterol levels had been reduced without sacrificing good (HDL) cholesterol in the process and there was no rise in blood pressure. The researchers concluded: “Glucomannan appears to beneficially affect total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, triglycerides, body weight, and FBG, but not HDL cholesterol or BP.”

Green teaGreen tea contains antioxidants that can be extremely beneficial for the health and also speed up the metabolism and encourage fat burning. Like glucomannan, green tea has proven abilities as a weight loss provider. After one study, conducted in Thailand, the researchers concluded: “Green tea can reduce body weight in obese Thai subjects by increasing energy expenditure and fat oxidation.”

Chromium has a longstanding reputation as a fat burner and has recently become revered as an n appetite suppressant. The amount included here may be too low to make the inclusion worthwhile, but it is also insufficient to interfere with the capabilities of the other two ingredients.

Glucomannan from Evolution SLimming

Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is extremely good.

A few typical customer comments read:

“I’ve only been taking the pills for 6 days, but they have reduced my appetite from day 1 and my bathroom scales no longer tell the same old story. I’ve lost 7lbs! Yipee! Really love this product. Try it you will too.”

“Two pills 20 minutes before a meal is all it takes and you do lose weight. I know there may be no such thing as a magic pill, but these come pretty close.” 

“Excellent appetite suppression. These are the best diet pills I have found so far. Worth every penny as far as I am concerned.”

Side Effects & Other Considerations

The capsules are suitable for vegetarian use and no side effects have been reported, but we always recommend pregnant or breastfeeding mothers seek medical advice before using any brand of supplement. We offer the same advice to people who are taking medication or have existing health issues.

Guarantee Period

A 30 day money back guarantee is offered.

The Verdict

Glucomannan Plus contains a powerful appetite suppressant and also offers the added support of a proven fat burner. The scientific evidence available at the present time suggests the combination and quantity of ingredients used in the formulation should deliver good weight loss results. Customer feedback also suggests a product that works and the offer of a guarantee ensures customers can buy secure in the confidence they have nothing to lose. Glucomannan Plus is a highly recommended weight loss product.

Where to buy Glucomannan Plus

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There are special offers and discounts from time time.

Evolution Slimming offers a 30 day money back guarantee on all of their products and ship to all countries.

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