Keto-OS Energy Boosting Drink from Prüvit

Keto OS AustraliaProduct: Keto OS
Manufacturer: Prüvit
Benefits: Energy drink that help to burn fat
Positives: Good philosophy and reputable company
Negatives: It seems to promise a bit too much and covers multiple issues – spreads itself too thinly
Shipping: To most countries
Retailers: Check official website

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When Keto-OS first became available, in 2015, several people emailed us to ask if we’d heard of it or knew if it was a viable weight loss supplement. We knew nothing about it so we got to work and discovered the formulation appears to be designed to provide multiple benefits including extended lifespan, reduced brain fog, and clearer skin.

We also found two benefits listed that are usually linked to weight management (appetite suppression and fat burning), but when we checked the small print at the bottom of the page we discovered a disclaimer that states Keto-OS is not designed to assist weight loss.

On the one hand this could be seen to be a “cover your ass” statement to protect the manufacturer when the supplement fails to work, but Keto-OS is sold with a 90-day money back guarantee, so a lot of things about this product have a contradictory nature.

Keto Os what does it do

What is Keto-OS & How Does it Work?

Keto-OS is a drink mix. It is produced in powdered form and has to be mixed with water before use. There are two versions. One has caffeine, the other does not. Customers can purchase Keto-OS by the tub or in sachets that can be popped in a bag or purse and carried to work.

According to the sales material the formulation has the ability to boost ketone levels and provide a phenomenal energy boost because ketone is the body’s preferred fuel. The ketone referred to has nothing to do with raspberry ketone and does not contain raspberry extracts of any kind. The ketone in question is a compound that is manufactured in the body and supposedly has the power to assist weight loss because the body will fall into a state of ketosis and be forced to burn fat for energy instead of using glucose. However, the manufacturer does not provide any information that supports a link between their proprietary blend and ketone levels.

The Company Behind Keto-OS

Keto OS resultsKeto-OS is the flagship product of Prüvit, a multilevel marketing company that markets its products via the company website and uses a network of MLM business partners to drum up sales.

Some of them do so by creating websites that praise the product and then direct visitors to the Prüvit website after they have been converted to a sale. Others market Keto-OS through eBay and Amazon and, as is generally the case with MLM products, there is an outrageous amount of hype involved.

Ingredients & Blend Potential

Keto-OS contains unspecified quantities of the following ingredients.

  • MCT Powder
  • Beta Hydroxybutyrate
  • Malic Acid
  • Stevia

The formulation may also contain a quantity of caffeine, depending on which version of the product is chosen. With the possible exception of Beta Hydroxybutyrate, none of the main online resources, such as WebMD, mention a link between ketone and any of the above ingredients, but caffeine can boost energy levels, increase the metabolism, and provide appetite suppression. Malic acid may also provide extra energy.

Usage Directions

The drink is made by adding the powder to 12-16oz of cold water and then stirring or shaking it until well combined. It can be consumed alongside food, but it is also permissible to take it on an empty stomach.

For therapeutic use one dose per day is deemed sufficient.

For performance enhancement one dose should be taken each morning and a second dose during the afternoon.

New users should take half the recommended dosage and increase the dose slowly over a few weeks to prevent the likelihood of gastro-intestinal discomfort.

Customer Comments

The Prüvit website showcases a good number of testimonials that make Keto-OS appear to be miraculous in every way, but many Amazon customers tell a different story. The majority of buyers say the product does not work, many also complain about the flavor (sickly), and a few sate the formulation made them feel unwell.

Side Effects & Health Warnings

Prüvit states use of the product may cause issues for users who have kidney stones or are unusually sensitive to salt. The company also recommends all users consult a doctor prior to commencing supplementation.

Pricing And Where To Buy

Several packages are available, quoted in US$

  • 15 servings (sachet) = $85
  • 30 servings (sachet) = $160
  • 30 servings (tub) = $144
  • 60 servings (tub 30 + sachet 30) = $300
  • 90 servings (tub 30 + sachet 60) = $460
  • VIP 75 servings (tub 30 + sachet) = $350

Customers who purchase via the autoship method (never recommended) can secure a modest discount.

Not Recommended

Recommended Alternative

PhenQBehind all the marketing literature products such as Keto OS have one primary goal and that is to help the user lose weight in the quickest and healthiest way possible – for this reason we recommend PhenQ

Although PhenQ is a completely different product in terms of usage it has spectacular results and offers users a virtual no risk opportunity.

PhenQ is a natural fat burner, a highly effective fat blocker and also a strong appetite suppressant.

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