Prescopodene Review For Australia – Pro’s and Cons

Prescopodene AustraliaProduct: Prescopodene
Manufacturer: JC Arnica Nutraceauticals
Benefits: Claims to give an average weight loss of around 13.5kg and help reduce calorie consumption
Positives: Website is very good – product-wise its hard to draw many positives
Negatives: Not much information regarding specific ingredients, has been “featured” in one or two scam-busting websites
Shipping: To most countries across the world
Retailers: Direct from the official website only

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Prescopodene Review

Prescopodene Australian websitePrescopodene is a diet pill produced by JC Arnica Nutraceauticals. The company is based in Panama, but the pills are marketed worldwide via a number of regional-specific websites. However great care is to be advised before ordering any of the company’s products because the ScamBook website contains a growing number of complaints about the company, including one from an Australian customer who spent AUD$ 299.60 on some of the company’s products, was unhappy with the results, and has been unable to secure a refund via the promised guarantee.

What is Prescopodene and how does it Work?

Prescopodene has been designed to trigger thermogenic fat burning. This is process that causes a slight rise in body temperature and encourages the body to begin burning stored body fat. If the capsules can successfully achieve this the calories released during the fat burning process will become available for the body to use for extra energy.

Marketed Benefits Include:

  • Average Weight Loss of 13.5kg
  • Average Body Fat Drop of 4.77%
  • 1888 Less Kilojoules Consumed Per Day
  • 2458 Extra Kilojoules Burned Per Day
  • Provide powerful and fast appetite suppression (within 7-10 minutes of taking a pill)
  • Stimulate the rapid-fire burning of fat cells
  • Decrease body fat, not lean muscle
  • Provides a smooth energy increase that will keep you going all day
  • Permanently reduce the number of fat cells
  • Uses a synergistic formula that flushes fat from your body
  • Lose weight without severe diet or gruelling exercise

Key Ingredients

Inclusion rates are not provided, but the capsules contain:

Pyridoxine HCP Tyrosine
Ascorbic acid DMAE
Masgnesium Cocoa extract
Green tea extract Yerba mate
Advantra Z Pantothenic acid
Ginger Root Grape seed extract

Blend Potential

Some of the ingredients used are very good, but others, such as ascorbic acid and magnesium, are unlikely to offer much benefit at all. Green tea stands out as being a worthwhile inclusion. Its fat burning prowess has resulted in it becoming one of the most popular diet pill ingredients in the world.

Prescopodene ingredients

Cocoa extract provides theobromine and epicathicin (natural metabolism boosters), and yerba mate is often believed to be a fat burner, but if these ingredients are in the minority their powers could be dwarfed by less worthy inclusions (magnesium, ascorbic acid) and results will not be forthcoming. The pills may work. They may not. Without any inclusion rates to go by further speculation is pointless.

Usage Instructions

Two capsules are required each day and should be taken with 250ml of water. The first capsule of the day should be taken before breakfast or morning exercise. The second capsule should be taken during the afternoon. However, in order to assess for tolerance issues, new users are advised to take just one capsule per day for the first week. Capsules should never be taken in the evening and four capsules should never be exceeded in any 24 hour period.

Customer Feedback

The official website dedicates a full page to customer testimonials, many of which are quite in-depth. One man claims to have lost 36kg in a month, and another states he lost 15kg in 13 weeks. There is even a testimonial attributed to a middle-aged diabetic lady who lost 19kg in 6 months. Most of the stories are quite convincing, as are the accompanying photographs, but testimonials from a less biased source would provide a more reliable insight into how the pills are likely to perform.

Prescopodene Side Effects & Health Issues

The manufacturers state no side effects have been reported, but warn the formulation is not suitable for pregnant or nursing mothers. People who are taking medications should seek a doctor’s advice before commencing supplementation. The same advice is offered to anyone who has existing health issues or concerns.

Purchasing Options & Considerations

Capsules can only be purchased via the Prescopodene website. A single bottle of pills contains a month’s supply and costs AUD$ 59.95. Shipping costs add another AUD$ 8.97 to the bill. Shipping insurance is optional and adds a further AUD$ 2.95. That’s a grand total of AUD$ 71.95, so attempting to lose weight the Prescopodene way is far from being a cheap option.

Buying two bottles together does not secure any discounts at all, but customers who purchase three bottles of Prescopodene on a single order (costs AUD$ 179.95) will get a free bottle of pills and a copy of the “Secrets to Successful Weight Loss” ebook.


A 90-day money back guarantee is offered, but the ScamBook website contains numerous complaints from JC Arnica Nutraceauticals customers who have been unable to get their money back.

The Bottom Line

In all fairness there is nothing to say Prescopodene will not assist weight loss, but there are certainly better options available. Some of the ingredients have potential, but results are dependent on a sufficient inclusion rate and the inclusion rates here are unknown, so it’s all a bit of a gamble. The presence of a money back guarantee should make such a gamble less of an issue by ensuring the customer has nothing to lose, but numerous complains suggest the guarantee may not be honoured, so caution is to be advised.

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