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XYZ Anti-Ageing Skin CreamXYZ Smart Collagen is a skin cream which was originally designed to heal tattooed skin.

However, not long after its release, its anti-ageing and skin health promoting qualities were recognized by many women – with or without tattoos.

That’s because XYZ formula contains a specific agent able to turn the collagen into a significant force of skin restoration and re-vitalization.

Most collagen-based products can’t achieve the same level of results because of limitations the body exerts on itself.

XYZ Smart Collagen works around this limitation while improving the quality of collagen production. The result is smoother, firmer, younger looking skin.

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What Makes XYZ Smart Collagen Different?

XYZ Skin CreamSmart Collagen is XYZ’s solution to the problem that usually befalls collagen based skin creams.

Most products are designed simply to increase collagen production. Given that collagen is the component of skin responsible for texture, elasticity and thickness, it makes sense to want to boost your production.

The problem is that this can lead to rapid production of poor quality collagen which then triggers an immune system response, leading to the the breakdown of collagen and thus zero improvement in skin quality.

XYZ Smart Collagen prevents this inflammatory response from the body and allows for the production of long-lasting, quality collagen.

XYZ Smart Collagen Benefits

So, let’s get to the important bit: what does it mean for you and your skin?

The following points outline the benefits of the XYZ Smart Collagen system:

  • Tightens and Firms Skin by Improving Elasticity, Firmness and Density
  • Reduces Wrinkles and Signs of Ageing
  • Lifts and Sagging Skin and Defines to Facial Contours
  • Smooths Skin Texture
  • Heals Skin – Proven on Tattooed Skin

A clinical study on women between the ages of 45 and 65 showed visible and measurable results after 42 days and further improvement at 84 days.

XYZ Smart Collagen Benefits

XYZ Smart Collagen Customer Comments

“There is nothing like XYZ available. I was given it as a stocking filler last Christmas and I have used it ever since, with great results. It’s also far less expensive than most other products. Some people pay some crazy money for worthless skin cream.” – AB, Milton.

“Tried this skin cream recently and my skin feels smoother already. It’s been about a month, maybe two since I got it.” – CL, Syracuse

“I’ve been using Clarins skin cream and have to admit it’s probably only because of the name. Tried XYZ and it changed my life. And I save loads of money.” SJT, Windsor

XYZ Smart Collagen Usage Guidelines

XYZ suggest the following steps to ensure best use:

  1. Cleanse face and apply XYZ twice per day: morning and night
  2. Use upstrokes to smooth cream over face and neck area: make sure it fully absorbs
  3. Avoid tear ducts and lower lids by applying gently to eye area
  4. Follow up with sunscreen if sun exposure is likely

And, from us: the Sun is both good and bad for us. For the skin, it is a principal cause of ageing and other problems.

While we agree with the above advice of using sunscreen, it is not advised to wear it every day, all day. Where possible, physical blocking of direct sun is preferable (e.g sitting under a shade/parasol).

Is XYZ Smart Collagen Recommended?

XYZ Anti Ageing CreamYes. Judged wholly on its own merits, we would recommend using this cream if skincare is at all important to you.

And compared with the competition, it’s even more the obvious choice.

XYZ Smart Collagen succeeds where other products fail miserably, simply because of the clever formula which intervenes at the limiting point in the collagen production process.

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