Women’s Best Fat Metaboliser – Boots Fat Burner – Review

Womens Best BootsProduct: Womens Best Fat Metaboliser
Advertised Benefits: Fat Burning, Energy, Focus, Mood
Positives: Good Ingredients
Negatives: Pretty Weak in Areas – too many ingredients
Shipping: Australia, UK, Europe, New Zealand
Retailers: Boots and others

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Women’s Best Fat Metaboliser Summary

Womens Best Fat Metaboliser bottleWomen’s Best Fat Metaboliser is a weight loss supplement sold through Boots pharmacy. It’s Vegan, Lactose-free, Gluten-free and GMO-free according to Boots.

The formula is quite an extensive one, in terms of the number of ingredients used. Unfortunately this translates to weak doses of each one, except for a couple of the top ones.

The ingredients are however all detailed on the label, avoiding any secret proprietary blends.

Women’s Best is a range of supplements, including BCAAs, “Body Shake”, Protein Bites and so on, all of course marketed to women.

The Fat Metaboliser is no more special than hundreds of other similar products. Some good ingredients are in there but some are simply included at too low a dose to do much.

Women’s Best Fat Metaboliser Review

Woman Drinking WaterThe Women’s Best range is a line of simple products designed for women to be able to lose weight faster, get fit quicker or generally improve their health in the context of an active lifestyle.

The formula seems to have been put together by people trying to fit all the current trending ingredients into one, regardless of the amount.

Included in the formula are ingredients designed to:

  • Increase Metabolism and Thermogenic Fat Burning
  • Increase Energy Levels
  • Improve Mood, Focus and feelings of Well-Being
  • Reduce Effects of Physical and Mental Stress
  • Reduce Carbohydrate Absorption
  • Suppress Appetite

Diet pills are certainly more ambitious than they used to be – attempting to attack fat on all levels, from the mental aspect to different methods of physical effect.

The ingredient choices are really the only way that this can be achieved successfully, so we’ll have a look at those next.

Women’s Best Fat Metaboliser Key Ingredients

The below inclusions make up 4 capsules of Women’s Best Fat Metaboliser, which is the daily maximum dose:

300mg   – Green Tea extract
300mg   – Guarana extract
300mg   – Green Coffee Bean extract
100mg   – Caffeine Anhydrous
100mg   – L-Tyrosin [sic]
100mg   – Rhodiola Rosea extract
100mg   – Alpha Lipoic Acid
100mg   – Cayenne Pepper
100mg   – Choline
100mg   – Yerba Mate Tea leaf
100mg   – Raspberry extract
100mg   – Garcinia Cambogia
12.3mg  – Vitamin B5
400mcg – Vitamin B9 (Folic Acid)
100mcg – Biotin
7.5mcg  – Vitamin B12

It seems like this was formulated haphazardly; like screw it, let’s just put 300mg of those and 100mg of everything else.

It’s not that those aren’t some good ingredients, there is just no way the optimal doses are in there for all of them.

Women’s Best Fat Metaboliser Side Effects

DoctorFor the most part, this formula won’t cause negative side effects. There are people who should not take it though:

Pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid supplements like this. People with pre-existing medical conditions and those taking medication must consult their doctor before taking this.

If you are sensitive to caffeine products then this may cause some mild caffeine related side effects like stomach pain, dizziness and nausea, especially if you take it on an empty stomach so make sure you take the first pills with breakfast.

You can split the daily serving and take less than the maximum amount until you are sure you are comfortable with the formula. The 4 capsule dose allows for that. Having said that, this is not an overly strong recipe so it should be fine.

Is Women’s Best Fat Metaboliser Recommended?

Is It recommendedThe recipe has some very good ingredients ranging from the usual caffeine, green coffee and green tea to the more interesting Rhodiola Rosea which is an excellent nootropic, stress reducer and general ‘feel good’ ingredient.

To that end, it has a good cognitive element but there are other supplements which do this and that are also better at burning fat, which is the main objective if we’re really honest.

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