Trim X3 from Betancourt Nutrition for Women – Reviewed

Trim X3Product: Trim X3
Manufacturer: Betancourt Nutrition
Advertised Benefits: Burns fat, controls appetite 
Positives: Some worthwhile inclusions
Negatives: Bit too high on stims for some
Shipping: Check your country’s options etc. 
Retailers: Direct or the top third party places

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Trim X3 is a weight loss support supplement made for women. It’s manufactured by Betancourt Nutrition. The company is based in Miami Lakes, Florida, and customer services representatives can be contacted via telephone or online form.

According to the marketing material, Trim X3 assists weight loss in three ways:

  • Controlling the appetite
  • Boosting the metabolism and promoting thermogenesis
  • Supporting improved energy levels

What is Trim X3 and How Does it Work?

Appetite supressionIf Trim X3 can control the appetite women who use the product will find it easier to stick to a calorie-restricted diet without experiencing the diet-breaking hunger pangs that are a normal part of the weight loss process.

When the metabolism is increased the body starts to burn calories faster than normal and is more likely to deplete the supply obtained from food. The body will then need to begin burning fat to obtain extra calories.

The combination of a restricted-calorie diet and a faster metabolism can be very effective for encouraging weight loss so many supplements are designed to work in this way.

Thermogenesis is a process where the body starts to lose calories as heat energy. Supplements that are designed to encourage this trigger a slight rise in body temperature that can burn extra calories even during periods of rest.

The fact that the dieting process can result in an extreme reduction in calories can often make people feel tired and lethargic so, like many other diet supplements, Trim X3 contains stimulants to help perk users up and give energy levels a boost.

Key Ingredients

IngredientsEach (3 capsule) serving of Trim X3 provides 20mg of niacin (Vitamin B3). Like many B vitamins, niacin is a often added to weight loss supplements because it helps support an efficient metabolism.

However, the recommended daily allowance is 35mg and many foods, including green vegetables, contain niacin so it is possible some users may exceed the daily allowance and excess niacin can lead to facial flushing. Some people are irritated by this but it is a harmless effect nonetheless.

The rest of the ingredients used in Trim X3 are housed in proprietary blends and individual inclusion rates are not supplied. However, the blend contains several sources of caffeine and in most cases the amount of caffeine each ingredient provides is revealed.

Appetite Control (800mg)

  • Slendesta Potato Protein Extract: A patented ingredient manufactured by Kemin. The company claims Slendesta makes weight loss easier by encouraging a feeling of satiety that makes it easier to stick to a calorie-restricted diet.
  • South African Hoodia Gordonii Extract (20:1): A cactus extract that is often added to dietary products in the belief that its presence will help suppress the appetite.
  • Glucomannan: A natural fibre that has proven value as an appetite suppressant. However, health experts in Europe state products need to provide 1g of glucomannan and be taken three times per day to be effective. Trim X3 is only taken once per day and the amount of glucomannan provided is insufficient.

Capsimax Plus Blend (263mg)

  • Caffeine Anhydrous (200mg): Caffeine’s ability as a stimulant is good for providing extra energy and sharpening mental focus. Scientific study shows it can also boost the metabolism and encourage thermogenic fat burning. The amount of caffeine provided here is similar to that obtained from two cups of coffee. The combined amounts provided by the other ingredients in this blend should provide an amount that is similar to that of another 1/2 cup of coffee.
  • Capsicum Fruit Extract: Some studies suggest supplementation with capsicum can boost the metabolism and encourage thermogenic fat burning. Read more about this ingredient here
  • Black Pepper Extract: A popular supplement inclusion that speeds up the absorption of other ingredients.

Thermogenic Energy (299mg)

  • Advantra Z: A trademarked ingredient that provides the fat burning stimulant synephrine.
  • Pure Energy: A proprietary blend that is 43% caffeine and is designed to be absorbed into the blood a lot faster than other sources of caffeine. Betancourt don’t say how much caffeine this addition is likely to provide, but its presence in the blend will cause each dose of Trim X3 to provide more caffeine than 2 1/2 cups of coffee. How much more is anybody’s guess.
  • Guarana Extract (38.5mg caffeine): A tropical fruit that provides a slow release of caffeine.
  • Green Tea Extract (6mg caffeine): Research shows supplementation with green tea extract can speed the metabolism and encourage thermogenic fat burning.
  • Yerba Mate (5.5mg caffeine): A plant extract that is often brewed and drunk as a tea called Mate.
Usage Instructions – Three capsules are required once per day and should be taken with a full glass of water. Optimum results will be obtained if the capsules are consumed half-an-hour before lunch and it is important not to take Trim X3 within three hours of bedtime or to exceed three capsules in any 24-hour period.

Customer Feedback

There is a lack of customer reviews for this product.

Side Effects & Health Issues

Women who are pregnant or nursing a child are advised to consult their doctor prior to supplementing their diet with Trim X3.

Ladies who have existing health problems or are using medication should be equally cautious and supplementation must be ceased four weeks prior to any scheduled surgery. Trim X3 is not intended for anyone who is under 18 years of age.

Purchasing Options & Considerations

Each bottle of Trim X3 contains 90 capsules and should last for 30 day when used according to the manufacturer’s recommendation.

At the time of this review the Betancourt website had sold out of the product, but it was still available from a number of independent suppliers online


There is no money back guarantee.

The Bottom Line

Trim X3 contains a number of ingredients that should be able to provide the promised weight loss benefits, but many of the ingredients used in the blend are stimulants so Trim X3 may prove to be too powerful for stim sensitive women to tolerate and side effects are quite likely.

We feel Trim X3 is probably more suitable for women who have a naturally high tolerance of stimulants or have built up such a tolerance over a period of time through the use of other stimulant-rich supplements.


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Most women would only build up such a tolerance through the use of sports supplements though, and it has to be said Trim X3 probably has more value as a pre-workout supplement than it does as a general weight loss aid.

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