Phentermine or Phen375 – Prescription versus over the counter

Phentermine can produce incredible weight loss results. So can Phen375, but which one is best? In this article we will compare the two side by side and try to ascertain which offers the best way to lose weight—the substitute (Phen375) or the product it aims to mimic (Phentermine).

What is Phentermine?

Phentermine BottlePhentermine (phenyl-tertiary-butylamine) is a prescription-only drug that was developed during the 1950s and quickly became one of the most popular appetite suppressants in the world.

It became so popular for one reason and one reason only—it works. In fact many people still consider Phentermine to be the most powerful diet pills ever created.

Unfortunately, although Phentermine is often considered to be a wonder drug, it also has a dark side. Chemically it is very similar to the drug amphetamine and Phentermine shares its addictive nature.

Its usage can also entail numerous side effects, many of them quite nasty, so in most countries its availability is restricted to only those people who can obtain the necessary doctor’s prescription. But getting Phentermine prescription is not easy. Doctors only usually prescribe the drug to people who are dangerously obese.

What is Phen375?

Phen bottles boughtDespite the negative aspects associated with its use, Phentermine remains a much sought after drug. It’s in demand, but the supply is limited.

It’s a situation that has left an obvious hole in the market and it’s a hole the American company RDK Global has attempted to plug with Phen375.

They are not by any means the only company that produces a phentermine substitute—competition is fierce—but thousands of dieters all over the world swear Phen375 is the best Phentermine substitute available.

That’s a big claim to make, so let’s do a little side by side comparison here and see how everything holds up.

Phen375 Review

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Phen375 v Phentermine

Phen375 Phentermine
Pharmaceutical Quality Supplement Pharmaceutical Drug
No Prescription Required Prescription Mandatory
Manufactured in FDA registered facility FDA have not approved for general distribution
Strong Appetite Suppression Maximum appetite suppression
Average Weight Loss more than 2 lbs/week* Average weight loss 5 lbs/month**
Speeds Metabolism No known effect on metabolism
Boosts Energy Levels No known effect on energy levels
No notable side effects Numerous side effects inc. psychosis; chest pains; hypertension; impotence
Suitable for Long-Term Use Suitable only for short-term

(Korean Study (2006))

Looking at the two side by side Phen375 appears to offers certain benefits Phentermine does not (faster metabolism, boosted energy levels), but Phentermine is just an appetite suppressants and although Phen375 has been designed to be a safe Phentermine alternative it has not been designed to mimic its methodology, just its results.

By choosing not to focus on appetite suppression alone, it would appear RDK Global have not only matched the drugs weight loss abilities, but improved on them because the expected weight loss attributed to one week of Phen375 usage is 3 to 5lbs. The figures gathered by the Korean research team suggest Phentermine takes four times as long to provide that level of weight loss.

How Phentermine Provides Weight Loss

Appetite supressionPhentermine stimulates specific glands in the brain, causing them to release hormones that trigger a state of flight or fight—a kind of survival mode that is built-in to the human genetic makeup.

In a life or death situation hunger pangs could be a fatal distraction so whenever human beings are in a situation that warrants a high degree of fear the brain releases hormones to trigger flight of fight and remove any survival threatening distractions. Putting it in simple terms, Phentermine is very good at tricking the body into releasing its own inherent appetite suppressing chemicals.

Phentermine’s tricky abilities ensure its use can successfully quell the desire for food. This makes the user eat less, which then reduces their daily calorie intake to such a low level the body is forced to burn body fat to obtain additional energy.

How Phen375 Provides Weight Loss

Phen before and afterPhentermine contains a blend of natural ingredients that suppress the appetite, but the formulation’s appetite suppressing abilities are no match to those provided by phentermine.

So instead of relying on a drastic lowering or the calorie intake to trigger the fat burning process, the Phen375 blend triggers it directly by the use of metabolism enhancing, fat burning ingredients.

So is Phen375 a Viable Alternative to Phentermine?

Phen pepperPhen375 appears to be a very viable alternative to Phentermine. It is also a buyable alternative that is available to dieters all over the world. There is only one restriction.

Phen375 is only available from the manufacturer’s website, but that is infinitely more accessible than a doctor’s prescription pad, so no big deal there, and all purchases are protected by a 30 day money back guarantee.

All things considered it is not surprising that so many dieters swear by Phen375 and say it is the best Phentermine alternative available.

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