Health Benefits of Green Coffee – fat burning and preventing inflammation

Green Coffee BeanGreen coffee and products made from green coffee bean extract are currently very popular weight loss aids.

Although a number of scientific studies endorse the prowess of green coffee beans as a weight loss provider, most of the present interest in green coffee bean can be traced back to the Dr. Oz show (aired in the States). Oz has reputation for being an expert on weight management and weight management products, so when he stood up in front of his studio audience, in 2012, and said green coffee bean could deliver the goods America took note, the world took note, and sales of green coffee bean products in all their forms reached a hitherto unheard of peak.

With so much talk about green coffee beans in relation to weight loss though, some of the green bean’s other abilities are seldom mentioned. This is a pity because green coffee does have proven potential in other areas.

What’s in a Color?

Benefits of green coffeeSay the word “coffee bean” to most people and they will picture a nice dark brown bean, but the familiar brown is not the bean’s true color. In their natural state coffee beans are green. The change in color is due to the roasting process used to bring out the flavor and ensure the rich taste that coffee-drinkers the world over know and love.

Green coffee beans are naturally rich in chlorogenic acid and caffeine. The roasting process has very little effect on the caffeine, but it leaves the bean’s chlorogenic acid content severely depleted and it’s a pretty big sacrifice to make in the name of flavor because it’s the chlorogenic acid that gives green coffee beans most of their power.

The Power of the Green Coffee Bean

Woman increasing her metabolic rateLike their roasted counterparts, green coffee beans contain caffeine, and several studies show caffeine has the power to boost the metabolism by up to 11%. A faster metabolism burns through calories at an increased speed and can help oust unwanted fat from the body. Other studies indicate caffeine may help suppress the appetite as well, but chlorogenic acid is by far the more interesting compound

Some studies conducted on human volunteers suggest chlorogenic acid may interfere with the absorption of carbohydrates, which will then cause the blood sugar levels to drop, preventing insulin spikes.

Other studies, conducted on rodents, suggest the chlorogenic acid in green coffee can reduce the amount of fat stored in the liver and boost the powers of a fat burning hormone called adiponectin.

In one study 30 volunteers were split into two groups for a 12-week study. Group 1 was given normal (roasted) instant coffee. Group 2 received an instant coffee blend that had been mixed with 200mg of green coffee bean extract. At the end of the study the members of Group 1 had lost 1.7g in weight and showed a 7% drop in BMI. The members of Group 2 attained weight losses of 5.4kg and a 3.6% drop in BMI.

The Versatility of Green Coffee Beans

Tests like the one mentioned above offer a strong endorsement of green coffee beans as a weight loss provider, but let’s forget about belly fat and bingo wings for now and concentrate on some of the green bean’s other abilities.

Chlorogenic acid’s ability to reduce glucose absorption may make it useful for diabetics to use as a tool for managing their condition.

WomanGreen coffee beans also contain antioxidants that can protect against cholesterol and may be useful for preventing inflammation and protecting the joints from arthritis. These antioxidants may provide protection against dangerous free radicles that could increase the likelihood of cancer.

Some studies show green coffee bean extract has potential for treating high blood pressure, and doses of 140-720 mg per day have been shown to be effective in tests conducted on human volunteers. Clinical and Experimental Hypertension published the results of one such study, where a 140g daily dose of green coffee bean extract successfully controlled the tests subjects’ blood pressure for the entire duration of the study period.

Other possible green coffee benefits (largely attributable to the caffeine content) include:

  • Faster reflex actions
  • Enhanced memory
  • Increased levels of alertness
  • Protection from fatigue

Concluding Thoughts

Green coffee bean products, be they in the form of a straight beverage to drink or a supplement made from green coffee bean extract, appear to have the power to provide very credible weight loss results so it is not surprising so many of the green bean’s other abilities are scarcely mentioned.

But those abilities are there nevertheless and it could very well be that future tests may reveal potential in other areas. As with any caffeine provider though, side effects cannot be ruled out so pregnant or nursing mothers would be well advised to stall any plans of going green until they have discussed the matter with their doctor. The same advice is offered to people who have known health issues or believe they may be caffeine intolerant.

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