CitriTherm with Sinetrol, Natural Fat Burner

CitriTherm AustraliaProduct: CitriTherm
Manufacturer: Evolution Slimming
Benefits: To help the fat burning process
Positives: Company is reputable
Negatives: Not many negatives to date
Shipping: To most countries across the world
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CitriTherm is a “high strength” fat burning supplement manufactured in Great Britain by Evolution Slimming.

Fat burners are a very common form of supplement, but CitriTherm is different from competing products because its core ingredient relies on citrus fruit rather than stimulants or the so called “super fruits” that are so often incorporated into fat burning formulations.

Main Selling Points & Promised Benefits

  • Two capsules per day reduces abdominal fat & shrinks waist and hip size
  • Scientifically tested fat burning formulation
  • Uses the fat burning abilities of citrus fruits
  • Encourages a healthy body composition
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Manufactured in the United Kingdom
  • Free Shipping
  • Low in caffeine
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • There are no side effects

It’s easy to be sceptical about the claims supplement manufacturers make for their products, but in the case of Evolution Slimming the claims need to be taken more seriously because the company operates a “Doctor Trusted” website.

In order to receive a Doctor Trusted Certificate, websites have to comply with strict requirements and must not make unreasonable product claims.

How the Formulation Works

CitriTherm is designed to inhibit the activity of an important enzyme called PDE-4 (phosphodiesterase 4).

The science involved is complicated but, in simple terms, this results in the breakdown of body fat and causes it to be converted into glycerol and free fatty acids.

The main ingredient (Sinetrol) has a proven ability in this regards, and the claims of “healthy body composition” can probably be supported by the inclusion of zinc because it encourages muscle growth by stimulating the production of extra testosterone.

Usage Guidelines – One (450mg) capsule should be taken with breakfast and a second capsule with lunch.

CitriTherm Ingredients in Focus

Sinetrol Diet PillsSinetrol – A trademarked blend of citrus fruit extracts derived from grapefruit and oranges. Sinetrol also contains a small amount of guarana berry extract. Guarana contains caffeine, but releases it so slowly side effects are not likely, and its energy providing abilities have resulted in guarana becoming a common ingredient in energy drinks.

Sinetrol’s abilities have been subjected to a number of studies, all of which are supportive of its capabilities as a weight loss provider. No side effects were reported by any of the study group participants.

The volunteers involved in one 12-week study succeeded in losing 22% more body fat than the members of the placebo group and the researchers recorded an average weight loss of 5.6kg.

During another 12-week study, one group of volunteers was supplied with a placebo twice each day. A second group received supplements that provided 900mg of Sinetrol (450g per dose). At the end of the study the data revealed supplementation with Sinetrol had resulted in a 9.73% decrease in abdominal fat. When used in the recommended manner CitriTherm will provide the same dose of Sinetrol as that used in the aforementioned study, so similar results should be obtainable.

Sinetrol science

The CitriTherm formulation also contains three additional ingredients that should help support the promised weight loss and improvements to body composition.

  • Green Tea: Provides a range of antioxidants that can improve the overall health, protect against sickness, and speed up the metabolism sufficiently to encourage thermogenic fat burning.
  • Zinc: An important mineral that is often used in testosterone-boosting formulations. When the body’s testosterone levels are increased it improves healing abilities, assists the fat burning process, and helps provide quality muscle tissue.
  • Chromium: A popular fat burning ingredient that proved its value during laboratory tests conducted in the 1950s.

Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is very positive, this is a good marker ans indicative of a product that works.

Some typical comments read:

“A brilliant fat burner that blasts away the belly fat without causing side effects.” 

“I had my doubts at first, but CitriTherm is every bit as good as the manufacturers make it out to be. I lost around 20 pounds with the first bottle and bottle number 2 looks set to do the same.” 

“I took a gamble and bought three bottles because it offered the best value for money. I half expected to have to pack them up and return them, but I should have had more faith. The first bottle helped me to lose 18 pounds, and I lost another 21 pounds with the second one. By the time I’d completed bottle number 3 I’d lost a total of 63 pounds. I never experienced any side effects and made no changes to my normal routine.”

Health Considerations

No side effects have been reported, but pregnant or nursing women should get a doctor’s approval before using any brand of slimming pill. The same advice is applicable to people who have existing health problems or are taking medication.

The Bottom Line

The fact that CitriTherm’s main ingredient is included in a quantity that has been proven capable of providing weight loss should be enough to secure good results. The presence of the other ingredients can only increase the potential for weight loss.

Customer feedback shows the capsules have already helped change lives (and bodies) for the better, and there is no reason to presume the success stories are isolated incidents. CitriTherm appears to be a good weight loss pill that will deliver quality results.

Where to Buy CitriTherm

CitriTherm AustraliaAvailable exclusively from the Evolution Slimming website and ships to virtually every country in the world including Australia.

The Evolution Slimming website is available in many languages and purchases can be made in many currencies including AU$. Currently a 3 pack equates to around AU$58 per bottle

Click here to view Evolution Slimming Website and view offers

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